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Beach vs. Backyard

With deconfinement about to begin, beaches are opening up and backyard barbecues too. We are now getting closer to reaching out and hugging (something many of us have been missing) , not only to friends and family, but to nature also. It is now that we must remember to stay within our limits and restrictions to keep each other and the nature moving healthy and respectfully.

 It is also our time to get out, to feel good, and when we feel good, we look Great! Don't let another day go by without feeling good, dressing up or dressing down, put   on the charms, show off the neckline and stack it with natures little gems that keep us grounded and calm. Go out, let yourself SHINE , be it the beach , the backyard or simply the city .

If you are taking in the beaches, be sure to check out our Sea Follie sea shell collection, throw in some starfish earrings and a dash of turquoise. Everything to give it a Splash, now go on and enjoy!